Backyard Pesticides Show Up Increasingly In California Watersheds, State Report Finds

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Nov 19 (Reuters) – Levels of a type of pesticide commonly used in backyard gardens and on farms have increased in urban and rural watersheds in California, the state said in a report released Wednesday.
Pyrethroid pesticides, which are similar to chemicals produced naturally in chrysanthemum flowers, have replaced older, more toxic chemicals used to kill insects and fungi, and are found in about 3,500 products, the United States Environmental Protection Agency said.
But they are believed to be harmful to aquatic life when found in high levels in urban runoff.
From 2008 to 2012, the levels of pyrethroid pesticides increased in California watershed areas tested by the state, even as such older pesticides as DDT and PCBs decreased, the report said.
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