Bacteria Battle: Which Of These Spots Are Germier?

cellphone and restroom

Unless you live in a plastic bubble, germs and bacteria are on every surface you touch. Apparently, even washing your hands promises very little protection; one study revealed 25 percent of the public soap dispensers tested contained fecal bacteria. But what surfaces are the most notorious germ farms? We all know door handles are home to high populations of germs, but how do they compare with a cell phone? And who is more germ-ridden, men or women?

1. Cell phone vs. bathroom door handle

Chloroform Capital: cell phone

According to study findings published in the Wall Street Journal, swabs taken from a sample of cell phones had up to 33,200 CFUs, or colony-forming units, on them. According to a website created by the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Health, a restroom door handle only has 4 CFUs. A U.K. study detected environmental bacteria (TVC), Enterobacteriae and fecal coliform in its tests of 30 mobiles. Surprisingly, a public bathroom door handle is often much cleaner. Most people at least wash their hands after using a restroom and before touching the door yet our phones are set down on every surface —> Read More Here


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