Badass Dude Roasts Marshmallows Over An Active Volcano

Everyone has a preference when it comes to preparing the perfect s’mores: Some like their marshmallows warmed and golden brown, while others elect to set them on fire and let them burn to a crisp.

A man named Simon Turner best enjoys his marshmallows roasted over an active volcano, it seems. In the video above, you can watch Turner seated at the edge, warming up the sweet beside a lava lake inside Marum Crater in Ambrym, Vanuatu, New Zealand. The native New Zealander used a collapsible tent pole to reach the fire from a safe(ish) distance. While some choose to sandwich their marshmallows between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate, Turner chased his with a refreshing Corona.

H/t: Grub Street

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