Beacon’s ‘L1′ EP Gravitates Toward The Dance Floor As The Duo Redirects Their Orbit

before the beat drops

Brooklyn-based duo Beacon — Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett — are preparing to release their fourth studio product and third EP, “L1,” next week, and The Huffington Post is pleased to premiere the exclusive stream of the record.

After several months of touring, Beacon decided to design their new EP with the live reinterpretation in mind, Gossett explained. Seeking out a more dance floor-friendly vibe, they started experimenting with new gear and considered expanding their live members — contemplating a drummer first — and reconstructed their sound from there. The result is a medley of minimal, hard-hitting beats and vaporous R&B that is as balancing as it is frantic.

The EP opens with some metallic clankering, gradually building up layer after layer of synth and skittering percussion until it swirls into a wall of noise at its end. The title track keeps things smooth with a more straightforward stream of shakes and snare snaps, while “Minor Structures” kicks things up a notch by offering the project’s most quick-paced drumbeat. “Better Love” slows things down before heading into the final track, “Only Us,” which carefully climaxes into the most uplifting moment on the EP.

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