Best Fantasy Football Factories

Fantasy Factories

It’s preseason in the NFL. Players suit up and play through summer’s dwindling heat and the pangs of muscles getting into regular season shape. Preseason games may not record a win or loss that determines play-off viability. Yet, those preseason passes, interceptions, carries, fumbles, tackles and misses are scrutinized and inspected for glimmers of insight that might indicate the quality of a player’s season long play.

Wanting to wait for the kick-off of those opening games? Not if you play fantasy football!

Things are heating up on those cyberfields. It’s time to prepare for the draft and create a fantasy team to beat all others. Fantasy sports are a huge business with Fantasy Sports Trade Association (

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • From the opening screen without any clicking, you’ll see Miami’s dominance from the ACC. The Miami Hurricanes have 10 percent more fantasy points than any other team.
  • Do you fill your team with Miami alums? If you explore quarterbacks, you’ll see that the Pac 12 dominates that position, creating over 20,000 points since 1999.
  • Maybe you want look at players themselves. Sticking with quarterbacks, you will see that Tom Brady and Drew Brees have nearly identical point totals. With that stat, maybe you should look at their salaries in your fantasy league. You need an entire roster, of course. You may want to perform similar analysis on running backs or wide receivers.
  • Begin exploring and you’ll see that that Alabama, the perennial College football powerhouse, is not even in the top 10 of teams in terms of fantasy points.

It’s preseason and time to dig into the game of the game and mine through the data and get ready to draft your fantasy team. May the odds, or really the statistics, be ever —> Read More