Best of Last Week – Extending Einstein’s spooky action, accelerated sea level rise and city personality mismatches

(—It was an interesting week for physics as a team of researchers found a way to extend Einstein’s spooky action to allow for its use in quantum networks, to more than two optical systems. They believe it paves the way for bigger quantum networks. Also, another team published the results of research where they were looking to answer the question, how well can information be stored from the beginning of time to its end? After taking into consideration a host of physics laws and the expansion of the universe, the team concluded that the answer appears to be, not very well. In another interesting study a team of researchers conducted the first direct measurement of gravity’s curvature—by measuring the change in the gravity gradient caused by a large mass at three locations. They believe their method will allow for an improvement in the Newtonian constant of gravity. Equally interesting was a demonstration by a team of researchers of a metasurface that can solve calculus problems as an analog computer—by illuminating it with a laser beam. The surface causes the light waves to be changed to the shape of its integral or derivative. —> Read More Here


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