Best of Last Week – Pondering the universe as hologram, Tesla’s home battery and weak sunlight link to pancreatic cancer

(—It was a big week for physics as researchers at Aalto University, together with a team from Amherst College, have observed for the first time, a point-like monopole in a quantum field itself—a major step forward in quantum research. Also, other researchers revisited the question: Is the universe a hologram? Describing the universe apparently takes fewer dimensions than has been thought—the new research suggests that the holographic principle holds even in flat spacetime. A team with IBM announced that they have taken critical steps to building the first practical quantum computer—the ability to detect and measure both kinds of quantum errors at the same time and a circuit design that they claim is scalable. And scientists at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany devised a simple mathematical approach to designing mechanical invisibility cloaks—one in which a coordinate transformation is mapped directly onto a concrete one-component microstructure. —> Read More