Best of Last Week – Quantum physics got less complicated, the pseudogap and ibuprofen as an anti-aging drug

(—It was an interesting week for findings in the physics world as one team of researchers made quantum physics less complicated by demonstrating that two features of the quantum world are actually the same thing—turns out that wave-particle duality is actually a disguised version of the uncertainty principle. Meanwhile, another team wondered if the Higgs boson was a piece of the matter-antimatter puzzle. They think the recently found particle might actually play a role in the apparent imbalance between matter and antimatter in the universe and want to design and run experiments at LHC to look into the possibility. Also, another team found the first direct evidence of a mysterious phase of matter that competes with high-temperature superconductivity—they’re calling it the “pseudogap,” and think it might be robbing superconcuctors of electrons preventing 100 percent efficiencies. —> Read More Here


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