Big Cats Q&A With Super Skier Anna Fenninger

(Photo by Kampa/Kettner)
Anna Fenninger’s 2014 calendar photo shoot with rescued cheetahs helped raise money and awareness for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. (Photo by Kampa/Kettner)

There are very few ways a human being, without the aid of machines, can get itself to move faster than a sprinting cheetah.

Downhill skiing is one of them.

Something about the thrill of that untamed speed, as well as a love for her own house cat, got 2014 Olympic Women’s Super-G gold medalist Anna Fenninger dedicated to helping big cats survive in the wild. Her work began in earnest when she became the European Ambassador for the Cheetah Conservation Fund and wore a cheetah-print helmet in Sochi to help raise awareness of the cats’ plight.

Now, Anna is expanding her efforts to help protect other big cats well. As a big cat champion for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, Anna is taking on the challenge of the Build a Boma project to help protect lions by supporting the construction of fortified fences that keep them from preying on livestock. When lions don’t strike their herds, villagers don’t kill lions in retaliation.

As she prepares for 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Vail, Colorado, Anna took some time —> Read More Here


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