Bill Gates Dupes Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking Water That Was Once Poop

Look, if you gamble with Bill Gates, you’re most likely going to be sh*t out of luck.

The tech mogul visited “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday to discuss his foundation’s annual letter and to share his latest innovation, poop that’s converted into potable water. Gates first made a splash earlier this month when he downed the engineered beverage and he now wanted host Jimmy Fallon to take a swig.

During the interview, Gates presented Fallon with the “ultimate taste test.” The Microsoft co-founder placed two glasses of water in front of the comedian (aptly marked “1” and “2”) and let him select his drink of choice.

The two each imbibed his respective glass. Only then did Gates reveal that both glasses were filled with water that was once sewage, which had been processed through a machine called the Omniprocessor.

“I never want to gamble against Bill Gates ever,” a hesitant Fallon said even before he took a sip.

Though Fallon initially spit out some of the cup’s contents, he admitted that it “tasted really good.”

It may sound crappy at first, but it’s not all that surprising that Gates could turn poop into something palatable.

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