‘Black Seadevil’ Anglerfish Caught On Video, Will Give You Nightmares

Here’s a fish that looks like it swam straight out of a nightmare — but for scientists, this video is practically dream come true.

It shows a Black Seadevil, a type of anglerfish that’s been caught on video only about half a dozen times, and this clip from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is believed to be the first ever of the fish seen alive and at depth.

It was filmed recently in Monterey Canyon in California’s Monterey Bay by the remotely operated submersible vehicle Doc Ricketts.

“We’ve been diving out here in the Monterey Canyon regularly for 25 years, and we’ve seen three,” MBARI Senior Scientist Bruce Robison told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Robison also narrates the video, and describes the unusual appearance of the fish:

Anglers have a remarkable apparatus on their heads: a fishing pole, with a luminous lure at the tip, which they use to attract their prey. In the darkness of deep water, they flash the light to attract prey and draw them near the angler’s mouth. When a fish or a squid swims up, it is quickly inhaled by the angler’s huge mouth and trapped —> Read More Here


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