Book Gift Guide 2014


The holidays are inching ever closer, and you still haven’t finished your gift shopping! (Don’t lie; we can see you.) Books make the perfect gift in many ways, most practically in that you can enter a Barnes & Noble and leave with your entire shopping list completed within an hour, if you really try. There’s a book for nearly everyone, and until the local bookstore closes on Christmas Eve, it’s never too late to find the perfect one to put under the tree for your aunt/brother/sister’s boyfriend of three months who is staying for the holidays for some reason.

Of course, books can be a risky gift, as we’ve noted in the past — for a prolific reader, the concern that the giftee may already have the book looms large; for the reading-averse, the carefully chosen book may languish forgotten under their bed forever. But books can be one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking presents, as well, so we’re always in favor of taking that risk. Giving a book is a way of connecting with your loved one’s inner life, showing interest in their deepest interests and possibly even starting a conversation with him or her.

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