Boston Terrier Nurses Orphaned Kittens, Warms Our Cold Hearts


Shannon Williams’ Boston terrier, Memory, used to be afraid of cats.

Then Memory became a surrogate mom to a klatch of orphaned kittens whom she reportedly began to nurse, despite not having been pregnant.

According to the description on a YouTube video of Memory feeding the kittens, the little ones were found outside, cold and wet, when they were about a week old.

And right away, says Williams, 5-year-old Memory began cuddling and nurturing the wee cats — two boys and two girls, named Don Mickey, Luke, Whiskers and Mittens.

“She’s been very protective from day one,” Williams told The Huffington Post. “On the second day that we had them, my daughter had one of the kittens in her hands. And Memory my dog took it out of her hands and carried it back to her dog bed with the other kittens.

“She would carry them up on the couch with her. If they got up and started to walk to the edge of the couch she got up, picked them up with her mouth and laid them down with her.”

This was adorably unexpected, Williams said to her local South Carolina —> Read More Here


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