Brave Momma Buffalo Defends Calf From Pride Of Lions In Heart-Pounding Video

Nothing comes between a mother and her young, not even a ferociously hungry pride of lions.

Photographer Andreas Häntzschel captured these striking images during a trip to Tanzania as a buffalo and her calf were separated from the rest of their herd during the approach of three lionesses. Outnumbered, the calf looks like easy pray and is quickly dragged away despite the attempts of its mother. But at the last moment, the rest of the herd plows into the lions, rallying around the little one and driving the ravenous foes away.

“This was absolutely unreal,” Häntzschel told Caters News. “The buffaloes were very courageous to save themselves.”

Take a look at the his shots of the experience, and check out a video of the encounter below.

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