Bringing Your Own Antibiotics On Vacation Could Do More Harm Than Good

By Kathryn Doyle
(Reuters Health) – People who travel to exotic locales and take along their own antibiotics are more likely to come back colonized with resistant bacteria, according to a new Finnish study.
Many travelers take along antibiotics to treat so-called “traveler’s diarrhea” – and if they have the medications along, they are likely to use them even for minor ailments, according to lead author Dr. Anu Kantele of Helsinki University Central Hospital.
In most cases this is a bad idea, she said.
“If you have mild or moderate diarrhea, you will not need antibiotics” but should drink lots of fluids and, if needed, take medication that relieves the diarrhea like loperamide (Imodium), if you brought any, she said. —> Read More Here


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