Buying These Tampons Donates A Box Of Pads To Homeless Women

If 2015 was the year we started talking about women’s periods, 2016 may be the year for major innovations in the previously hush-hush world of sanitary protection.

Menstruation costs a woman more than $18,000 on average during her lifetime — a sum which not everyone can afford. The latest company disrupting the feminine hygiene industry is Conscious Period, an organic tampon company that goes a step further by donating pads and tampons on a one-to-one basis to homeless American women in need.

“We were shocked to learn that feminine hygiene products are not covered by government assistance programs like food stamps, and furthermore, that 40 states tax these products, making them even more cost-prohibitive to women living in homelessness,” the company’s founders, Annie Lasco and Margo Lang, told HuffPost in an email.

Right now, Conscious Period sells its organic tampons only online through Indiegogo, where prices start at $8 for one box. For every unit sold, the company donates a box of pads to homeless women.

The two women were introduced by mutual friends in LA when they had the same business idea around the same time, Lang told HuffPost in an email. Lasco was searching for an alternative to commercial tampons while Lang was workshopping an organic tampon company with a “one-for-one” giving model at USC Marshall business school.

Lang formerly worked at TOMS, which pioneered the “buy one, give one” model with shoes.

“A mutual friend in LA introduced us, thinking we’d have a lot to talk about. Within the first meeting, we realized we could be far more successful as business partners than each trying to start our own thing – plus we really clicked as friends,” she told HuffPost.

The pair passed their first Indiegogo fundraising goal of $30,000 last December and have —> Read More