Can DNA Help You Find Your Birth Parents? (Part II)

I am adopted and have NO clues about my birth except a sort of “fake” birth certificate from when I was born in Texas. No family name. No known blood relatives. Would the DNA test be a good option for me anyway? What will I learn about my family from taking a DNA test? ~ Rita M


Dear Rita,

As we said in our last post, DNA testing can sometimes provide truly miraculous results for adoptees wishing to pursue information about their birthparents. Below we detail one such story kindly provided to us by an employee and his brother-in-law. Before jumping in to the story, we need to understand just how DNA analysis actually works to help us find out where did I come from and to whom am I related? Here’s how:

Consumer genetics tests provide an incredible genealogy entry-point for adoptees. Most tests on the market today provide two key results. The first is an estimate of where in the world your ancestors likely lived 10 to 20 generations in the past. Many of us have some idea of the countries from which our immigrant ancestors arrived in America, but if you are adopted, these tests provide an answer —> Read More Here


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