Carnival of Space #451

Carnival of Space. Image by Jason Major.

Welcome, come in to the 451st Carnival of Space! The carnival is a community of space science and astronomy writers and bloggers, who submit their best work each week for your benefit. I’m Susie Murph, part of the team at Universe Today and CosmoQuest. So now, on to this week’s stories! Our first stop is over at Blasting News, where California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has introduced a bill in Congress entitled ‘‘Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement Act of 2016.” The bill, H.R. 4752, which is similar to one that Rohrabacher introduced in 2015, would, require NASA to investigate and promote human exploration and settlement in space. You can read more of this interesting bill here.The next article, also from Blasting News, reports on a modern approach to building space-based solar energy stations using robots as the construction force. You can read more of that article here.Next, we have a publication by Dr. David Kring of the Lunar and Planetary Institute – Chicxulub Crater, Twenty-Five Years Later. This document discusses the scientific findings and advancements made since the initial announcements regarding the crater in 1991. The full document can be found here.Our next stop is the Chandra X-Ray Observatory site, where we learn about Jupiter’s auroras. This is the first time that Jupiter’s auroras have been studied in X-ray light when a giant solar storm arrived at the planet, and we’ve found that these auroras are about eight times brighter than normal over a large area of the planet and hundreds of times more energetic than Earth’s ‘northern lights.” Learn more about the giant planet’s auroras here.Next up, Zain at Brown Spaceman has several articles for us this week. First, the Comet Galaxy brings something amazing to our eyes – it is —> Read More