Cats Aren’t Evil: 5 Feline Myths That Just Aren’t True

People like to joke that cats are evil.

We get that — it can be fun to play off the stereotype that cats are aloof, uncaring and downright disdainful. But the way that pop culture sometimes portrays cats has real-life negative consequences for our feline friends.

“The idea that cats are uncaring ‘evil’ animals feeds into cruelty — kids tying firecrackers to their tails, for example,” anthrozoologist John Bradshaw told The Huffington Post.

Other myths — like the idea that cats can be left home alone for days on end — may lead otherwise well-meaning individuals to give their pets less than great care.

Let’s dispel a few frequently repeated myths about cats.

1. Your cat doesn’t like you.

OK, we can’t speak for your cat purrrsonally — it’s possible he hates you. But the claim that cats don’t feel affection for their owners has more basis in stereotyping and sensationalistic media reports than reality.

This notion resurfaced last week with the publication of a British study suggesting that in unfamiliar situations, cats don’t see their owners as a source of safety in the way that a human child might see a parent. Misleading headlines on this topic ranged from “Your Cat Doesn’t Care About You” to “Your Cat Hates You,” but that’s not what the study said at all.

What most articles left out was that the study had absolutely nothing to do with affection. From LiveScience:

Ask any cat person, however, and they would swear that Mr. Whiskers does love them. They may be right, [lead researcher Daniel] Mills said. The new findings simply mean cats don’t see their human companions as parent-like figures. For instance, in the Strange Situation test, parents don’t form a secure attachment to their babies because —> Read More