Celebrating 10 Years of Results

Mark Watts, C40 Executive Director kicks off our 10th anniversary year.

In 2005, then-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone brought together 18 mayors from some of the world’s largest urban centers to determine how they could work together to cut carbon emissions and lead on global climate action. It was prompted by Mayor Livingstone’s own efforts to devise a London climate action plan, and the benefit his team gained from contacting some of what was then a small group of cities that were taking similar action.

This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the city network that this meeting catalyzed: the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. I am proud to have helped create C40 back in 2005, as an advisor to Mayor Livingstone, and prouder still to serve as C40’s Executive Director today. It is staggering to see how the organization has grown and evolved over the past decade. With 70 city members across the globe, C40 represents over half a billion people and more than one-fifth of global GDP.

Unfortunately, attempts to agree an inter-governmental climate treaty have made less progress over the past ten years. We hope that will change at the Paris COP21 this year. But throughout all —> Read More Here


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