Chat With Paul Salopek Friday at 1p.m. EST

(Photo by Dima Bit-Suleiman)
Old technology meets new, as Paul Salopek props up his laptop on a dry stone wall in the Republic of Georgia. (Photo by Dima Bit-Suleiman)

A few weeks ago in the Out of Eden Walk blog, as he was making his way across the Republic of Georgia on foot at three miles per hour as part of his worldwide perambulation, National Geographic Fellow, Paul Salopek, described experiencing the storytelling equivalent of Russian nested dolls.

PBS NewsHour journalists were on site, and as Paul recorded a once-every-100-miles interview with the first person he meets, he realized together they were storytellers recording a storyteller recording a story-telling local truck driver.

After a reflection on how that is the story of humanity in a nutshell, he promised, “We’ll alert you when the PBS program airs.”

Consider yourself alerted.

When to Watch

Check your local listings for details, but this week, the PBS NewsHour will be airing two segments telling the story of the latest phase of Paul’s epic walk.

It’s not their first encounter with the journey. Before Paul set out in January, 2013, he sat down with Hari Sreenivasan to discuss his plans. Now, nearly three years later they’ve caught back up.

When to Chat

Later in the week, at 1p.m. EST, you can interview Paul yourself during a live Twitter chat. Follow him at @OutofEdenWalk to join the conversation about multi-year trek, the stories he’s discovering, and the whole idea of “slow journalism” in today’s high-speed culture.

A PBS NewsHour crew accompanied National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek as he set out on phase II of the Out of Eden Walk from Poka, Georgia trekking towards Azerbaijan. (Photo by Dima Bit-Suleiman)