Cheeky Biologists Tweet Photos Of Animals’ Butts With Hashtag #WildBum

Who knew biologists get so much booty?

Apparently one of the problems that scientists encounter while trying to study wildlife is the occasional photo of an animal’s butt.

“For each decent photo there will be dozens, sometimes hundreds of misses — and a lot of them are bum shots,” Gabriela, a 26-year-old biologist from the University of Edinburgh, told BuzzFeed News.

Although it is a fairly common occurrence, no one ever expressed how much can they capture on camera until Gabriela, who would like to keep her last name anonymous, noticed a bunch of elephant badonkadonk fellow biologist Anne Hilborn was posting on Twitter:

Elephant bum

— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) February 11, 2016

More elephant bum.

— Anne Hilborn (@AnneWHilborn) February 11, 2016

That’s when Gabriela got an idea.

“I thought ‘Wait a minute I have a great bum-photo,’” Gabriela wrote on her blog, Amidst Science. “A photo of a Musk duck displaying and showing off his bum to the ladies.” She posted the picture along with the hashtag #WildBum:

.@Lee__Mc @AnneWHilborn Musk duck bum! I feel like this deserves a hashtag. #WildBum?

— Amidst Science (@AmidstScience) February 11, 2016

Since Hilborn has a network of over 4,000 followers, it didn’t take long for the heinie-centric hashtag to catch on.

By far the cutest #wildbum I’ve seen, here’s a baby sooty mangabey being enthusiastically groomed by his mother.

— Erin Kane (@Diana_monkey) February 11, 2016

Chipmunk, because #wildbum needs more rodents.

— Jaffa (@jaffa_tamarin) February 12, 2016