Climate Neutrality In Sight In Denmark

The 76,000 citizens of the little-known Danish municipality Sonderborg act, while politicians’ talk and climate change is accelerating. They share the vision of ProjectZero, and have committed themselves to making Sonderborg climate neutral by 2029.

Sonderborg is a picturesque municipality close to the water and the German border, and it wants to prove that climate neutrality is achievable when cities take decisive action and ensure citizens and companies participate in finding new solutions and retrofitting society’s energy generation and consumption.

The ProjectZero visionary project is focused on transitioning Sonderborg into a ZEROcarbon community, based on sustainable growth and creating new green jobs. Energy efficiency and energy from the area’s own renewable sources are the key means to making the vision a reality. New thinking is essential and public policy and investments fuel the transition. A key part of the municipality’s homes are now heated by green district heating based on solar, heat pumps, biofuel and geothermal energy extracted from the ground. A massive investment in wind energy is currently underway.

The impact on local communities has been significant. The municipality has already achieved a 30% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions since 2007; Sonderborg has proven it is doable. So what is the recipe?

Participation and local networks are crucial. Note that 93% of the citizens know of ProjectZero, and more than 100 families have become ZEROfamilies learning how to save energy. The results are impressive with an average family using 25% less energy and consuming 45% less water.

The energy+ house inspires local residents

In 2009, a unique house was built in Sonderborg. A home that produces more energy than the family that lives in it consumes in their everyday life. The energy+ house is based on a combination of energy-efficient insulation, solar energy, a geothermal heat pump and an ultramodern —> Read More