Climate Pact Draft Balloons To 52 Unworkable Pages During Lima Summit

LIMA, Peru — For a sense of the frustrating tenor of climate negotiations underway here, which aim to agree on a clear outline of a new international climate-protecting agreement, consider this: One of the two draft documents being thrashed out had, by Wednesday morning, with just three days of a fortnight of talks remaining, ballooned into an unworkable 52-page opus.

And not a single paragraph within the latest iteration of that 52-page draft had been agreed upon by the troop of international climate negotiators.

The 52-page draft is due to be pared down and agreed upon by the end of this week, helping to form the basis for a pact to be formalized during talks in Paris in a year. Next year’s agreement will detail steps that countries agree upon to slow down climate change, with the ultimate goal of limiting global warming to less than 2°C, or 3.6°F.

Negotiating teams led by high-level government officials are huddling behind closed doors in giant tents on a Peruvian military base in an effort to slim down the drafts and to agree on alternative options. Talks began last week and high-level negotiations began Tuesday.

So far, though, negotiating teams have mostly been —> Read More Here


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