‘Code It Like A Girl’ Is Bringing New Skills To The Women Of Greece

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Last summer, Salonica Law School students Anastasia Siapka and Maria Dermetzi were brainstorming together about how to set up a small business. Soon, however, they realized that to implement any project they needed good programming skills—which they did not have—and the know-­how to set up a good website. Thus they started surfing the web, looking for information in English.

And that was it! The idea was born. The difficult task they faced turned into their source of inspiration. In August 2014, they set up “Code it like a girl,” a small enterprise aiming precisely to aid young women to familiarize themselves with programming and other basic technological skills. And in this way they are contributing to bridging the gender gap that still exists in new technologies.

Within three months the two law students had built from scratch an attractive website of their own (www.codeitlikeagirl.com) as well as beautiful personal web pages. They started their first activities almost immediately. Since then, they have been organizing seminars which provide women with basic skills (HTML and CSS) that enable them to set up websites and blogs. Their business idea is now taking the legal structure of a cooperative, with six young women as members.

“Precisely because we ourselves faced so many challenges in our attempt to set up a website, and had to put instructions together from different sources in English, we thought it would be very useful to help Greek women who want to do something similar,” 21­-year-old Anastasia Siapka explained to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea.

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