College Kids Text During Showers, Sex And Class. We’re Doomed.

College kids admit to texting during class, while taking a shower and even while having sex — even though they know the behavior is inappropriate, according to a recent Penn State study.

The participants, 152 college students, responded to a 70-question survey about their personal texting habits and what they thought about the appropriateness of texting in certain situations. They were also asked to rate the social acceptability of certain texting scenarios, like, “Ashton is sending text messages while eating” or, “Sam is sending text messages while having sex,” as well as report on whether they themselves had ever texted in a similar scenario.

More than a third of participants (34.4 percent) said they either sent or received more than 100 texts per day, and all of them checked their phone an average of about 16 times per hour (about every four minutes) for texts. The students also admitted to a few scenarios in which they believed texting was inappropriate, but admitted to doing something similar anyway. For example, here are a few prompts from the survey:

1. Jessie is on the phone with Casey when Jessie receives a text message from Quinn. Instead of hanging up the phone with Casey first, Jessie responds to Quinn’s text message while still talking on the phone. — 75.3 percent of participants have done this.

2. Quinn is texting during class. — 84.7 percent of participants have done this.

3. While Dee was supposed to be working, Dee sent text messages on the job. — 78.7 percent of participants have done this.

4. Morgan is sending text messages during a movie Morgan paid to see. — 70.7 percent of participants have done this.

5. Kendall is texting while feeding Kendall’s child. — 54 percent of participants have done this.

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