Comets Are Just Like Deep Fried Ice Cream, According To Science

cryostat machine

Astronomers have long known that comets are cosmic snowballs with a soft interior and hard surface. But the exact composition of that surface — and how it forms — has been somewhat of a mystery, until now.

In a new study, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory mixed together ice and organic dust to simulate how a comet forms. And they found that the crunchy comet crust is much like something very decadent and delicious…

“A comet is like deep fried ice cream,” study co-author Dr. Murthy Gudipati, principal scientist at JPL in Pasadena, Calif., said in a written statement. “The crust is made of crystalline ice, while the interior is colder and more porous. The organics are like a final layer of chocolate on top.”


For the study, the scientists used an icebox-like cryostat device dubbed Himalaya to simulate the conditions that a comet’s icy materials would experience in deep space as they journeyed toward the sun, Discovery News reported.

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The cryostat instrument, nicknamed “Himalaya,” that researchers used to study the icy conditions under which comets form.

First, the team flash-froze a special mixture of water vapor that was infused with —> Read More Here


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