Condoms Focus Discussion on Impact of Human Population on Wildlife

Thousands of Endangered Species Condoms will be distributed across the United States tomorrow, World Population Day, to highlight the pressure human population growth puts on local wildlife.

World Population Day, July 11, was designated by the United Nations in 1989 to raise awareness about global population issues. There are more than 7.3 billion people on the planet; the United States is the third-most populous country in the world with 325 million.

Condom package designed by Lori Lieber with artwork by Shawn DiCriscio. © 2015.

Volunteers will hand out 10,000 contraceptives in 28 states where the species featured on the condom packages are most endangered, the Center for Biological Diversity said in a news statement. A national organization dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places, the Tucson, Arizona-based Center has given away 600,000 free Endangered Species Condoms since 2009.

The Center’s population and sustainability program promotes a range of solutions, including universal access to birth control and family planning, as well as education and empowerment of women and girls. Condom distribution is a way the organization gets people to discuss how increasing human population puts a strain on natural resources, taking them away from wildlife.

Packages designed by Lori Lieber with artwork by Shawn DiCriscio. © 2015.”
Condom package designed by Lori Lieber with artwork by Shawn DiCriscio. © 2015.

“Human population growth and increased consumption are driving extinction rates 1,000 times higher than the normal background rate,” said Leigh Moyer, the Center’s population organizer, in the news statement. “These condoms are a great way to get the conversation started about a serious issue. When we have dedicated volunteers distribute condoms in their neighborhoods and explain that extinction isn’t just a problem somewhere else but a problem everywhere, including in our own backyards, individuals can —> Read More