Congressman Speculates ‘Illegal Aliens’ Could Be To Blame For Measles Outbreak

Immigration hardliner Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said Tuesday that “illegal aliens” may be to blame for the recent measles outbreak that began in California and has continued to spread to other states.

In a radio interview highlighted by ThinkProgress, Brooks, a vocal opponent of recent immigration reform attempts, told host Matt Murphy that he believes unvaccinated immigrants could be spreading the respiratory disease.

“I don’t think there is any health care professional who has examined the facts who could honestly say that Americans have not died because the disease is brought into America by illegal aliens who are not properly health care screened, as lawful immigrants are,” Brooks said. “Unfortunately, our kids just aren’t prepared for a lot of the diseases that come in and are borne by illegal aliens.”

He continued: “You gotta have sympathy for the illegal alien child that is burdened with this disease, but you also have to do what you can to protect American kids from the suffering and sometimes death associated with this disease.”

Ninety-two cases of measles have been confirmed in California since December, with more than 100 cases reported nationwide. According to the Centers for —> Read More Here


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