Conservative Blogger Rants Against ‘Propaganda’ At Popular Zoo

A conservative blogger is taking issue with the information placards at cultural destinations in Chicago, claiming they present a partisan point of view.

A week after Megan Fox attracted 1 million YouTube views with her rant against the “bias and lies” on display at a local museum, the self-described “homeschooling mom” is at it again with a visit to a popular zoo.

Fox, whose Twitter bio says she is a “thorn in the side of fascist-fems,” found plenty of things to critique at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. In video clips from the outing, Fox repeatedly accuses the zoo of having an “anti-human prejudice” because it focuses on conservation efforts instead of merely sharing basic information about the animals on display.

“Humans are bad, humans are baaaaad, very bad!” Fox says of the zoo’s language about primates being at risk of extinction due to hunting and the destruction of tropical forests. (Just an aside here, the clearing of forests and the hunting of primates for food and wildlife trade are the principal threats facing the species, according to conservationists.)

Fox goes on to criticize a display on water conservation as being “propaganda” — “What does —> Read More Here


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