COP21 – A Voice for the Ocean for the First Time


After having finished the Race for Water Odyssey, the Race for Water Foundation just concluded its visit to the City of Lights. In Paris to give a voice to the oceans for the first time at the global summit, the organization presented its programme of solutions against plastic pollution at Le Bourget and aboard its new ambassador ship, the largest solar-powered vessel in the world, renamed Race for Water. Race for Water solar vessel is now heading towards Lorient (France), from where she will start her 2016 campaign.

The Foundation’s new ambassador for the oceans: Race for Water © Race for Water 2015 / Peter Charaf
“Plastic pollution: from impact to solutions” exhibition / © Race for Water 2015 Peter Charaf

Race for Water Foundation representatives have been in Paris since the 25 November with the new ambassador vessel, taking part in a multitude of events and conferences throughout COP21. At Le Bourget (in the Blue Zone as well as in the Climate Generation area), at the Grand Palais and aboard its solar vessel, the foundation successfully gave the oceans of the globe a voice. These conferences, placed under the label of solutions, were indeed very successful and allowed to bring the message of the urgency to act to preserve our oceans. The Foundation also inaugurated the “Plastic Pollution: from impact to solutions” exhibition on board the Foundation’s flagship, displaying its solutions programme and pilot projects to be launched from 2016 on.

Race for Water Odyssey: just a beginning

The Foundation 2015 main project’s, the Race for Water Odyssey, accomplished aboard a sailing trimaran, returned to Bordeaux on November 18. concluding an unprecedented human and scientific adventure which took the team to 17 locations, ranging from very remote islands to important international cities across the world. At each stopover, the R4WO team studied —> Read More