Counting Chickens and Pigs

A deaf man is standing on the bank of an irrigation canal, trying to catch fish with his nets.

Kampong Thuch, CAMBODIA— After observing the first day of school for deaf adults in Kampot, I joined the Deaf Development Programme (DDP) outreach team as they went into the field. These visits had a dual purpose: follow up with the families of the students who didn’t come to school on Monday and to check on the beneficiaries of their farm project.

The DDP Farm Project is a small-scale project in which they identify deaf people in rural Cambodia who have either elected not to join the Basic Adult Education project or are graduates from the Basic Education program but are not enrolled in the vocational training project in Phnom Penh. Participants in the Farm Project are given a choice: chickens or pigs. DDP gives them a starter kit for raising chickens or pigs and the deaf people are responsible for raising the animals. Some of these families, most who are poor subsistence farmers, have come to rely on the deaf person’s contributions to survive.

For two days, I rode on the back of a motorcycle for about 150 kilometers [93 miles] each day over smooth paved highways, through tall grass on narrow paths on curving berms lining dry rice fields, and —> Read More Here


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