Cuautitlán: A Journal of Living in the Suburbs of Mexico City

About 18 miles from the Zocalo as the crow flies from the center of Mexico City, is my home for the month. A short, if convoluted ride on three of the city’s metro lines (for about 30 cents) takes you to Buenavista Station. Dating to the 19th century, this was once the main inter-urban train station in the city, before national passenger service fell by the wayside in the wake of the rail privatization. It’s much more a mall than a train station at this point, though it remains my entry point into and out of the city proper, as it does for thousands each day. From Buenavista, a forty minute ride on the Tren Suburbano (for about a dollar) takes you far to the north, across the border between the capital’s Federal District, into the adjacent State of Mexico and finally to the station at Cuautitlán. Again, more shopping center on stilts than transit terminal, Cuautitlán station sits above the freight trains, the Suburbano, and a staging area for a small flotilla of shared van-buses, or peseros. For another 40 cents, you can find a small piece of seat cushion in one —> Read More Here


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