Dad Of Baby Born Without Skull Opens Up After Son’s Story Goes Viral

Florida dad Brandon Buell knows the hardship and joy that come with raising a child with severe disabilities. His toddler son Jaxon was born with part of his skull and brain missing due to a rare condition called microhydranencephaly, but the resilient little guy has been inspiring people all around the world through his Facebook page, Jaxon Strong.

“In the first three weeks of Jaxon’s life, when we were still with him in the NICU and there was so much uncertainty, the doctors would continuously prepare us for the worst and to get ready to take Jaxon home simply for ‘comfort care,'” Buell told The Huffington Post.

“They truly did not expect him to make it very long,” he continued. “Yet, every day that we were with Jaxon, even from the beginning, we were seeing a small glimmer of hope, which has grown more and more each day, and it was that hope in him and the fight he always had that very naturally gave him the nickname of ‘Jaxon Strong.'”

The night before Jaxon turned 13 months old, Buell wrote a long Facebook post about his son’s progress and the challenges and misconceptions their family faces on a daily basis.

Overdue and honest words from Jaxon’s Daddy… As I write this, my son is sleeping in the other room, comfortably,…

Posted by Brandon Buell on Saturday, September 26, 2015

“It’s hard not to think about how this all started and where we are today,” the dad wrote. “Most importantly, Jaxon is still here with us, still learning, still developing, still thriving. He’s back to smiling at us, always so happy in the morning after he wakes up and takes turns looking at both Mommy’s and Daddy’s face, seemingly as if he —> Read More