Dads Invent Simple Device To Prevent Hot Car Fatalities

As we head into warm-weather seasons, parents are reminded of the tragedies that occur each year when small children are accidentally left in hot cars.

Two dads from Tampa, Florida have developed a product which they say will prevent hot car fatalities and give parents peace of mind. It’s called Sense-A-Life — an easy-to-use device that alerts parents if they’ve left their children in the car.

Neighbors Jim Friedman, an electrical engineer, and Fadi Shamma, a pharmacist, came up with the idea for Sense-A-Life one day while their children were playing together. Shamma told The Huffington Post that Friedman was talking about some of the engineering side projects he likes to do outside of work. During the same conversation, the parents discussed the many stories they’d read about children who lost their lives when left in hot and cold cars.

For Shamma, something clicked. “I said to Jim, ‘You’re an engineer, here we have a problem, and I bet we can come up with a very good solution.'”

Their solution is Sense-A-Life — a wireless and bluetooth-powered system that involves sensors, pressure meters, car speakers and a cell phone app.

A baby sensor in the form of a small seat pad activates the system when it detects a child in the car seat. It requires only two pounds of pressure to activate. Another sensor device goes under the driver’s seat.

Sense-A-Life detects when the driver exits the vehicle and sends an audible message and phone app alert to the driver stating, “Please remove the child from the seat.” If the driver doesn’t respond to the app or remove the child within a few minutes, Sense-A-life can send an alert to a second parent or caregiver. “We want to have a lot of back-up plans,” —> Read More