Dive Deep into the Blue Mind Summit May 11th in DC

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Mission Blue had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Wallace J Nichols, water scientist, conservationist, best-selling author and leader of the Blue Mind movement. With the 5th annual Blue Mind Summit coming up this month in Washington DC and the release of his best-selling book, Blue Mind, in paperback, we had a lot to discuss. Read on to learn more about Nichols’ remarkable Blue Mind movement and the growing understanding of how water helps us in more ways than you might imagine.

So tell us more about the Blue Mind Summit. What’s happening this year?

This year it’s in Washington DC and the theme is “Urban Blue”. Most people in the world live in big coastal towns or cities and thus interact, or have the great opportunity to interact, with the urban blue. At this year’s Summit, we are bringing together a group of fascinating experts to discuss the connection between cities and their waterways. This topic isn’t usually discussed at conservation events, but it’s very important as we grow an inclusive blue movement.

Typically the conference is focused on bringing cognitive scientists together with people involved in the Blue Movement to better understand human behavior with the help of the most cutting-edge researchers in the world. We’ve had some pretty astounding neuroscientists and psychologists participate over the past 5 years and that’s lead to some of the great new research that’s being conducted now. In describing the value of oceans and waterways, we do an incomplete job when we leave out the cognitive, emotional, psychological and social benefits we derive from healthy water. Carrying that conversation forward and keeping it international and inclusive is what the Blue Mind Summit is all about. The book is part of that effort. We’re bringing a whole new realm —> Read More