Don’t Worry About All Those Attacks By Hat-Stealing Oregon Owl

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wouldn’t be a little concerned over all the owl attacks over the past month?

Joggers in Salem, Oregon have been quaking in their sneakers after multiple reports of an owl swooping down, striking early-morning exercisers, and on some occasions, stealing their hats. Experts believe the perp is a barred owl, a large, North American bird also known as the “hoot owl.”

The owl’s first victim was womped in the head twice on Jan. 20, hard enough that he initially thought he had been struck by lightning. Since then, at least three more people in Bush’s Pasture Park have had a scary encounter with the bird of prey.

That number isn’t as alarming as it sounds, Bob Sallinger, Conservation Director of the Audubon Society of Portland, told The Huffington Post.

Sallinger said in an email his organization “periodically” gets “reports of owls bopping people in urban parks,” but that those incidents are “quite infrequent” compared to the how many owls live in city parks.

No one has been seriously injured by the owl in Bush’s Pasture Park, though the bird did fly off with two joggers’ hats.

Sallinger said the owls “are trying to chase you out of the —> Read More Here


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