Dude, This Robot Totally Rules At Beer Pong

beer pong robot gif

This is the bro-iest robot we’ve ever seen.

Boston-based robot company Empire Robotics has created a robot capable of shooting a perfect game of beer pong.

The robot, which the company calls Versaball, can actually complete several other tasks, like changing light bulbs and holding sharp objects. But for the company’s upcoming demo at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Empire Robotics will be focusing on what really matters: shooting Ping-Pong balls into plastic cups with a degree of accuracy that many college sophomores would die for.

Do not play this robot unless you are OK with getting smashed.

To pick up an object, the robot sucks air out of a ball-shaped “membrane,” making a vacuum that conforms around an object. Then, Versaball can release the object by re-inflating the ball. The robot’s creators found that when air is rapidly released into the ball, the object can go flying. Hence, beer pong.

Beer pong-playing robots aren’t a new technology. Creative college kids have been building systems to help them with their game for years. And the gripping technology behind this specific system has also been around for decades.

But the company’s cofounder, John —> Read More Here


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