Dutch Police Test Using Raptors to Intercept Errant Drones

Screen shot from a the video of an eagle snatching a drone from the air. Dutch National Police.

With the proliferation of drones has come a rising threat to the security of aircraft as well as the possibility that the aerial devices could be used for crimes, or that they could threaten the safety of stadium crowds.

Among the solutions authorities have attempted to deal with the problem have been using drones to intercept drones and jamming radio frequencies. The Netherlands National Police is looking into the possibility of using birds of prey to snatch drones from the air and take them to a place of safety on the ground.

“An innovative project of the National Police in collaboration with Guard From Above, a company that trains raptors, looks at the ability to turn to birds of prey to intercept undesirable drones,” according to a statement on the police website on January 31.

Screen shot from a the video of an eagle snatching a drone from the air. Dutch National Police.

“There are situations in which drones are not allowed to fly. This has almost always to do with security, “says Mark Wiebes, an innovation manager with the Police. “There is a case where a rescue helicopter wanted to land but could not because someone was flying a drone. You can also imagine that people wanting to create beautiful images of an event could fly a drone above a crowd; if that drone falls from the sky, it can be dangerous for the people.”

Finding the operator of an undesirable drone is not always easy, the police explained, which is why there is a search for electronic solutions, such as taking over the drone’s operating system. “Physical” solutions include using a net to catch a drone, as well as the possibility of deploying raptors trained to do the job.

A demonstration last week showed the police how it might work. Once a —> Read More