Expedition Lao Team Departs for Field, Stinky Fish Included

Preparing for the field Expedition Laos

Our team of botanists and ecologists has converged. Dr. Phillip Thomas a conifer expert from the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh, Robert Timmons a regional wildlife expert working in the area for decades, University of San Francisco graduate student Robin Hunter and Dr. Coffman and myself make up the visiting team.
Our mission is to cross the reservoir and ascend the watershed thousands of meters and locate areas where the trees might be growing, based on experience, interviews and predicted in part by a habitat model.

Preparing for the field Expedition Laos

Along the way our team is swelling. Dr. Vicihith and two students from the National University have joined us. Bee, the student from the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden, Dao and two biologists from the national resources Department of Forest Resource Management ( DFRM) and Tath from the Reforestation Division make up part of the local team.
Following meetings with the Regional National Resources Management another representative has joined, and another will join from the District office. Add a few Locals to help carry gear and make camp, this group is to locate, measure, sample and study the ecosystem associated with the giant cypress. In Nakai we will purchase the —> Read More Here


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