Expedition Ready to Launch


Beginning January 10th, I will join fellow explorers Mallory Dimmitt and Joe Guthrie on a 70-day trek to raise visibility for a wildlife corridor from the Evergaldes Headwaters near Orlando to Gulf Islands National Seashore near Pensacola. Our work is supported by the National Geographic Society and we’ll be sharing stories here every week. The map below provides an overview for the journey ahead.

The Florida Wildlife Corridor integrates Florida’s leading conservation science with compelling imagery and rich storytelling to raise awareness about the Corridor and the need to connect and protect it. The centerpiece of our awareness campaign is the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition.

We’ll document our journey the entire way and use social media to showcase imagery and reporting from the field. We’ll host a series of Saturday Trail Mixers, where followers can join the Expedition team and participate in our trek. We are committed to bringing the Florida Wildlife Corridor to life through our Expedition. Join us!

Why We Walk

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