Experimental Art Project Shows How, Like, So Unattached We Are To Material Things

When we survey the objects randomly floating in our various drawers, bags or pockets, we don’t typically process the wayward eye glasses, cell phones, lip balms or tubes of toothpaste as potential raw material for an experimental art project. That is, until now. Cue Moscow-based multimedia artist Dmitry Morozov — also known as ::vtol::.

Morozov’s newest interactive installation “oil” turns your humdrum belongings into an experimental soundscape, fusing the phenomena of creation and destruction. The piece features five hydraulic presses, all possessing the strength to crush virtually any object that may be on your person. “Oil” Participants are invited to place a rogue belonging of their choice atop the press, and as said belonging is mutilated and deformed, a microphone records the entire process. A computer algorithm then processes the recording and spits it back in the form of a 20-minute album.

Voila! Just like that, you’re an ambient musician and, like, so unattached to material things.

The project is intended to provoke visitors into spontaneously ridding themselves of material consumer objects for the sake of creating their own individual work of art via deprivation, divestment and —> Read More Here


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