Expert Voices: Conor Riffle Director, Cities and Data Product Innovation, CDP – “Transparency and Action Fuel Our Partnership”

This year marks the five year anniversary of the C40 – CDP partnership. In 2010, then Mayor of New York and C40 Chair-elect Michael Bloomberg announced the beginning of our partnership at a C40 workshop in Hong Kong. “We will never meet the ambitious goals we set as an organization without solid data to measure our progress,” Bloomberg noted. “As I’ve always said: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

From that day, the CDP – C40 relationship has been about a radical commitment to transparency and accountability—enabled by data. Nowhere is this commitment clearer than in our joint approach to annual reporting. Every year since 2011, CDP and C40 have invited the member cities of the C40 to report their latest climate change data through CDP’s system – and nearly all cities now participate. This data is now more accessible than ever with the recent launch of CDP’s open data portal.

CDP’s open data portal enables users to view, download, and interact with CDP’s full database of self-disclosed climate change data from C40 cities, covering areas like greenhouse gas measurement and reporting, identifying climate risk, and setting emissions reduction targets. Some 61 C40 cities, representing 21% of global GDP, report new data every year.

When looked at in its entirety, this data reveals some exciting trends. Over the past 5 years the number of reporting cities has grown by nearly 50 percent. It also shows that over 67% of cities are reporting their GHG emissions and 53% view climate change as a serious and near-term risk to their city.

As an example of how to utilize this data, let’s look first at GHG measurement and reporting among C40 cities. C40 cities around the world measure and report their total greenhouse gas emissions every year. —> Read More