Explorers’ Hearts Full This Thanksgiving

Image of a heart with Explorers gratitude
Explorers’ hearts are full of gratitude. (Image courtesy Tagxedo)

National Geographic explorers kicked off their Thanksgiving celebrations by sharing with us some of the things they are grateful for. From nightly raccoon visits to the smell of the ocean, our explorers continue to remind us to cherish the earth and celebrate the world around us.

“I’m grateful for nature—everyday. So many people take nature for granted, but without it there would be no human life on this small planet.”—Enric Sala, Explorer-in-Residence and Pristine Seas director

“I am thankful for all the wonderful creatures I get to spend time with who allow me a glimpse into their lives and in so doing a tiny window into the world and evolution of life.”—Dino Martins, entomologist and Emerging Explorer

“I am feeling grateful because this year the US protected more than 1 million square kilometers of pristine ocean space in the Pacific. Future generations will still be able to know what an ocean untouched by man looks like!”—Monica Medina, senior director of International Ocean Policy, Pristine Seas

“I am grateful for the opportunity to observe the private lives of ‘my’ raccoons every night. Watching them use their devious little minds to —> Read More Here


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