Explorers Save Abandoned Puppy

National Geographic grantee Cedar Wright and his expedition partner, Alex Honnold, are gluttons for both punishment and exploration. Shortly after climbing California’s fifteen tallest peaks for an expedition they appropriately dubbed “Sufferfest,” the adventure duo set out on Sufferfest 2. On this ambitious mission, Wright and Honnold gave themselves just three weeks to bike nearly 800 miles and climb 45 of the most iconic towers in the American Southwest.

Forgoing the creature comforts of home is par for the course on such an expedition. For example says Wright, “Sometimes you’re in the middle of nowhere and you gotta go, so you just pull off and pee behind a bush.” But what Wright found during one such pit-stop was completely unexpected. “I have to pee so I just stop on my bike randomly in the desert and all of a sudden I hear this whimpering sound and at first I can’t figure out what it is and then I look and there’s this little puppy curled up in an old tire hiding from the wind. I quickly realized that he had been abandoned.”

The puppy, which the explorers named Sufferpup, quickly turned the adventure duo into an adventure trio.

Wright recalls, “I picked him up out of the little tire and I was like ‘Oh, what do I do with you? What do I feed you?’ Obviously we didn’t have dog food or dog formula with us. And I was like, ‘Well, ya know he’d probably be drinking puppy milk or whatever,’ and so I was like, ‘We have string cheese.’ I took my thumb and gave him water and he suckled the water off my thumb and then nibbled on the string cheese. And he ate like an entire thing of string cheese.”

Not surprisingly, the string cheese later caused Sufferpup to release his —> Read More