Exploring the Benefits of Animal Physiotherapy


Animals have always been a part of my life, even before I took my first breath. Carrying me to full term was a difficult pregnancy for my mom, but it was her two Yorkies, Kirsch and Butch, who laid by her side and comforted her during the nine months that she was bed ridden. They could sense when my mom was in pain, and licked her face until the moment passed. They could feel when the baby was moving, and repositioned themselves next to her belly until the stirring soothed. And although they couldn’t speak English, their message was loud and clear, they were there to protect the family using their senses to guide the way.

It’s uncanny how in tune pets become to the needs of their owners. We don’t even have to say a word and they seem to instinctively read our minds, which is one of the many reasons why the bond between human and animals is so strong and the impact they have on our souls is so profound. They are born with the eagerness to please us, willingness to sacrifice their lives to protect our own, and are baffled with the notion of disloyalty. They are our guardian angels — with or without the wings — asking only for our endless love and affection in return.

Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough. My German Shepard, McKayla, gives so much of herself to me, never complaining, nor asking for more, but it is my duty as her caretaker to learn to speak her language and do everything I can to ensure that her wellbeing and quality of life are the best that I can provide. On a basic level, this means making sure that her nutritional needs, daily mental and physical —> Read More