Facts and Photos From an Australian BioBlitz

JenShookSydney BioBlitz_3
The eastern long-necked turtle may look slow on land but is sleek and powerful when it hits the water. (Photo by Jen Shook)

When groups from around the world gather in a place as wild as Australia for something as outdoors-oriented as the World Parks Congress, they’d better not sit inside wearing neckties and high-heels all day.

To that end, the recent congress in Sydney included a BioBlitz, an intense, public, 24-hour inventory of all the different living species in the area. Inspired by the annual BioBlitz held by National Geographic and the U.S. National Park Service, the Sydney event had volunteers and visitors from the community coming out to Sydney Olympic Park to meet up with scientists and naturalists to go on the hunt for bugs, birds, reptiles, plants, and more.

The water features, wetlands, and forests of Sydney Olympic Park create diverse habitats for a wide spectrum of living things. (Photo by Melissa MacPhee)

Mary Ford, Senior Manager of Citizen Science at National Geographic was there, and here’s what she had to say about the experience.

How did you and your team participate in the Sydney BioBlitz?

We worked with the Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) within the —> Read More Here


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