Failing a Class for Good


Think of one of your favorite classes. What’s come to mind? For some, learning certain content is memorable. For some, the classroom environment can be remembered in detail – working in groups, the nature of discussion, experiencing student-led learning. For others, a class that connects to future employment is important. And maybe, for some or possibly even many, it’s a combination of these and other parts of a class.

But, what about learning to fail? That could seem like more of a nightmare than a pleasant and important remembrance of a class. I’ve been teaching at Davidson College for over a decade and, increasingly, I hope my students learn, yes, to fail. I hope they pass my class but also that they learn to fail and grow by doing so.

Do I facilitate uncomfortable, frustrating courses? In fact, many students comment on how they enjoy the courses and approach. How? It’s important to understand what I mean by failing. Let me summarize this concept with the following image, drawn by a studio artist and math student at Davidson College.

The artist’s name is Tife Odumosu. I see his drawing as a visual —> Read More Here


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