Feel Fuller by Eating Less — an Astonishing New Diet Trick!

By Amy Chan

This is the winning entry of the inaugural Scientista DiscovHER science writing competition

Paleo? Atkins? FODMAP diet? If those don’t take your fancy — then how about the Werewolf diet? Weight loss and diets seem to plague us no matter where we look. Google ads, Facebook pop ups, Twitter feeds — the topic of food and weight is never far from our lips…or perhaps our hips for that matter. A new fad diet seems to come and infest our social networks as fast as we refresh our feeds — and they are all just a click away.

And indeed, it is tempting. With the abundance of food around us 24/7, and the ever-growing fast food industry, it is easy to look for a simple solution to a weighty problem. How great would it be to eat anything you wanted, anything at all, without having to worry about the extra kilos that might pile on? Unfortunately for us, that is not the case and the obesity struggle is a real and global one. The World Health Organization reports a doubling in worldwide obesity since 1980, with 50 percent of people in the WHO European region overweight and another 23 percent of women and 20 percent of men obese. Recent research suggests that obesity may be deadlier than previously thought — with 18 percent of all deaths in the U.S. accounted for by obesity.

This calls for new measures beyond fad diets. Perhaps science is the answer. If science informs all our other choices — from car design to human relationships — then maybe we can apply science to food too? Gastrophysics is the term used to describe how physical science relates to cooking or gastronomy or loosely, food physics. Oxford University has a team of scientists looking —> Read More