Flacking With the ‘Father of Birth Control’ for Cockroaches

Last week brought news that a great man had died, Dr. Carl Djerassi. He was someone I briefly worked with more than 25 years ago, a man who made a deep and lasting impression on me in many ways. And though you probably don’t realize it, he is someone who touches your life daily, thanks to his serial chemical genius.

First and foremost, Dr. Djerassi was renowned as one of the “fathers of the human birth control pill,” a catalyst for all the convenience, conflict and cultural change it begat. But, he didn’t stop there. Djerassi also patented antihistamine, cortisone and other pharmaceutical wonders that continue to ease human sufferings, large and small, every day. So, the next time you have a stuffy nose or summer allergy attack, anaphylaxis, a sprained ankle or an ill-advised one night stand during your fertile days, just remember that Dr. Carl and his creations are there, working hard and unseen, to set things right.

But one of the things missing from the lengthy obituary in the New York Times was his role as the creator of another kind of birth control, one for that most universally despised of urban pests — the cockroach. It —> Read More Here


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